Dual Yellow Laser

Dual Yellow Laser

Dual Yellow Laser uses the most advanced laser technology to provide a maximum skin rejuvenation treatment while minimalizing discomfort and side effects.

Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer can produce beneficial effects on the skin such as elasticity, texture and skin tone, reduce wrinkles and fine line, improve thickness and hydrate the skin.

Silkpeel Dermalinfusion

Silk Peel

The procedure provides non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of skin-specific topical solutions under pressure, leaving patients with fresher skin.

Non-Surgical Thread Lift
Non-Surgical Thread Lift

Thread Lift uses specialised threads which are introduced into the skin with a very fine needle to lift tissue, muscle and improve skin texture but without the need for surgery.

HydraFacial MD

HydraFacial MD

A non-invasive procedure that provides a specially formulated solution with the power of enhancing the skin by giving it the benefits of multiple treatments.


Why MyClinic?

  • Certified doctors with (LCP) license
  • Award winning clinic
  • Non pushy, professional and competitively priced without sacrificing quality
  • Emphasises on safety and excellent results
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority
  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Personalised complimentary consultation & follow up with great care


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MyClinic aims to be a global platform to inspire & empower people to shape their own destinies & dreams. This is the reason MyClinic was founded & built on a few core principles:
Innovation: To innovate the Aesthetic Medicine industry with the latest technology combined with unmatched professionalism.
Quality: To provide the best quality of services & products imaginable to our clients, because we believe that everyone deserves the best for their skin & physique.
Experience: To treat our clients with utmost care by providing them an unforgettable experience when they visit us, for their satisfaction is our concern.”

The Mastermind, Founder of MyClinic

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