What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical fat-reduction treatment using fat-freezing procedure that targets specific areas on the body. The cold treatment will target adult fat cells without damaging the skin or the surrounding tissues of the body. It is important for our patient to know that it is not a weight loss procedure as it is only to completely eliminate stubborn fats on abs, inner thighs, back, arms, love handles and underneath the chin.


  • Coolsculpting is recommended for any female or male who wants to reduce stubborn fat using a method that is:
  • Non-invasive and Comfortable treatment, so you reach your body goal while continuing your daily routine
  • Safe, and Industry’s gold standard
  • Offers Permanent Results, 25% death in fat cells in just one treatment that takes only 35mins up to 1 hour
  • Industry’s most proven treatment, with over 5 million Coolsculpting cycles performed Worldwide
  • Consecutive Award Winner and Hollywood’s favorite!
  • Alternative treatment to Surgical Liposuction to reduce fat

What to expect?

Before Treatment

Make a consultation with our doctor to know which targeted areas on your body that you aim for fat removal. The consultation will help you through the process on what you should expect before, after and during the treatment, and maintenance afterwards. Know that the treatments are customized depends on the shape of your body and the amount of fats to be removed as different people has different body shape.

During Treatment

During procedure, patient should know that:

  1. No surgery
  2. No needles
  3. No downtime
  4. There will be an intense cold and pressure

The Coolsculpting procedure takes not more than an hour of treatment, thus patient can go home and do their normal routine after the procedure is done. As for the amount of pain that patience has to go through throughout the procedure, it is advised that patient will experience a tolerable amount of pain.

After Treatment

Results can be seen 3 weeks after one treatment. For more drastic change, patient should take a few treatments and the result can be seen after around 1 month to three months. Note that after the Coolsculpting procedures, the frozen fats will be removed completely and naturally by the body. Compared to exercising and dieting, fats are only reduced and could expand bigger when patient do not maintained their exercise and dieting. However, for Coolsculpting maintenance, it is advised that patient should do regular exercising and dieting.

We can permanently eliminate your “Stubborn Fat” which does not respond to rigorous Diet and Exercise. Experience ~25% fat reduction with just one quick and painless treatment, results are permanent! Visit My Clinic now for free assessment and consultation!

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