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Dr. Janice Ang

Aesthetic Physician

Dr. Janice Ang is a skilled medical professional with a degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia. She has served the public sector in Sabah and Selangor for several years, gaining extensive experience in Ophthalmology, Public Health, and Family Medicine. This diverse background has honed her meticulous skills in performing various medical procedures.

With a keen interest in aesthetic, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine, Dr Janice has completed both MAC Part I & II to enhance her expertise. She is committed to continuous learning, regularly attending local and international courses to stay proficient in injectables, lasers, and energy-based device treatments.

An advocate of the principle “Prevention is better than cure,” Dr Janice encourages everyone to dedicate time to self-care, emphasising that “it’s never too late to do something your future self will thank you for.”


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© 2023 My Clinic – All Rights Reserved
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