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GentleYag Hair Removal


Eliminating unwanted hair is a never-ending and troublesome task. The good news is, eliminating unwanted hair is doable by using laser technology with great effectiveness and efficiency. Laser treatment was used to be a typical method on treating veins, facial rejuvenation and removing age spots. Eventually, the might of laser technology was harnessed for hair removal under the cutting edge technology called GentleYag.

What is GentleYag Hair Removal?

GentleYag Hair Removal is a laser based method to remove unwanted hair. The laser is aimed at the skin from a handheld device that produces a narrow beam of light. The laser targets only the hairs, so it won’t affect the surrounding skin.

How It Works?

The GentleYAG System, an innovative long-pulse high-energy 1064nm Nd YAG laser, emits a gentle beam of laser that will target the pigments that provides color for the hair. The heat generated from the laser will produce pulses which damages the follicles, without affecting the surrounding skin. Thanks to this cutting edge technology, hair growth will be reduced or stops entirely.

Why Use GentleYag for Hair Removal?

  • Minimal discomfort
  • No down time
  • Laser targets only the hair. Skin not affected
  • Highly effective
  • Fantastic results can be seen in just one session
  • Numbers of treatments needed
  • Permanent results can be achieved in 4 to 8 sessions.
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