Radial Shock Treatment (Z-Wave)

zwaveZ Wave: Radial Shockwave Treatment

The High Energy Radial Shockwaves helps in skin tightening and body contouring as well as reducing body fat. The treatment efficiently treats cosmetic conditions especially tissue, muscle weakness, cellulite and many more.

How does it treat cellulite?

Thanks to its 39 mm applicator head, the Z Wave transmits the radial shockwaves directly and with a high precision into the tissue. Transmitting powerful sound waves into the tissue helps treating cellulite.

How does it helped in fat reduction?

The tensile wave leads to a collapse of the gas bubbles within the fat structures (cavitation), which re-expand after the high energy radial shockwaves and thus ensure a destabilisation of the fat structures. Study showed thigh circumference was reduced by 1-7 cml! The main advantages are:

• Painless treatment
• No downtime after treatment
• Noninvasive treatment • Visible results
• Long lasting effects
• Clinically approved The treatment includes:
• Improve skin structure and connective tissue
• Improve skin firmness and elasticity
• Regenerating collagen structure

The application areas include:
• Upper arm
• Under belly
• Cellulite area (lower back)
• Stretch marks area (buttocks and thighs)

FAQ Is the treatment painful?
No, patients reviewed the treatment feels similar to a relaxing massage. How long does it takes for the visible changes?
The skin is noticeably firm and smoother after 2 to 3 sessions. It requires 6-10 sessions for a complete treatment.

Are the result long-lasting?
Regular refresher sessions, exercise and a balanced diet will ensure long-lasting results.

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