Radio Frequency

What is Radiofrequency and what is it used for?

 Radiofrequency (RF) is a non invasive, safe and versatile treatment for targeted fat removal. Radiofrequency works by producing thermal energy to heat the fat below the surface of the skin. This thermal energy destroys the fat cells which will then be removed from our body naturally. Apart from fat reduction, radiofrequency also promotes the production of new collagen which inturn helps in skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

 Where can I target with RF?

Radiofrequency can be used to target various different body parts with stubborn fat. Areas such as the abdomen, arms and thighs are some of the more common areas targeted with RF.

 How long is the procedure and what should I feel during the procedure?

 Depending on the area that is being treated, treatment time can range between 30 mins to over an hour. During the procedure, you will feel a warm sensation over the targeted area.

 What should I expect after the treatment?

 Immediately post treatment, there should be slight redness as well as a feeling of immediate tightening.

 How often can I do it and how fast can i see the results?

 Though the results vary from individual to individual, some results can be seen after 1-2 sessions. It is recommended to perform weekly to biweekly treatments until you have achieved your desired results. Treatments may then be maintained at monthly intervals.

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