MesoLipo for Cellulite

What is Cellulite?

Its name makes it sound like a medical condition. But cellulite is nothing more than normal fat beneath the skin.
The fat appears bumpy because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above it to pucker.
Cellulite isn’t harmful. Many people, though, would like to get rid of it because of the way it looks.

What Causes Cellulite?

Having cellulite doesn’t mean you are overweight. Even thin people can have it. If you are overweight, however, losing weight may reduce cellulite.
Cellulite is more common among women than men. If other women in your family have cellulite, there’s a good chance you will too.

Other factors that influence how much cellulite you have and how visible it is include:
• Poor diet
• Slow metabolism
• Lack of physical activity
• Hormone changes
• Dehydration
• Total body fat
• Thickness and color of your skin

How does Mesotherapy work?
The medications used in Mesotherapy are naturally occurring proteins and enzymes that break down the fat cell membrane and its structures that keep the fat together.
The destroyed fat is then metabolized by the body, some reused by the liver, some digested by other cells, and the rest is excreted by the kidneys.
Over a series of treatments and a period of weeks to months, multiple layers of fat are melted away.

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