LED Photomodulation Therapy for Acne Scar

LED Photomodulation Therapy


What is LED Photomodulation?

LED Photomodulation procedure, a ground-breaking technology that has stunning effects on skin problems. It is to treat mild to moderate acne by combining blue light to attack the bacteria that causes acne with red light that soothes inflammation and heals the skin.
LED Photomodulation for acne and scars has no side effects, it is non-invasive and non-thermal.

Acne treatment by LED Photomodulation provides visible results in a few sessions, thanks to the multiple properties of LED lights:
• Anti-bacterial, LED light eradicates bacteria causing acne
• Anti-inflammatory, skin is soothed
• Regenerative, skin lesions and scars disappear
• Purifying, oily skin regain their balance

Why LED Photomodulation?

With LED light, it is now possible to fight against acne effectively. The acne treatment is effective on all skin types. Totally painless and with no side effects, the effects are visible within the first month of treatment.

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