MyClicnic — Rejuran Skin Rejuvenation Talk and Live Demo, 30/6/2019 Sunday.

A Million thanks to our valued customers, we are proud to announce that we are the 1st Malaysia Most Outstanding REJURAN EXPERT AWARD year 2018.

REJURAN Healer regenerates skin cells from deep inside. Skin Rejuvenation ’10 years younger’. If you would like to look younger and have Radiant Skin, get it from the best.. We will be having a talk of the procedure on the 30th June 2019, there will be LUCKY DRAW WORTH RM18, 800..

Rejuran Healer is a skin booster injection to heal the wounds as well as develop anti-inflammatory effect on your body. Rejuran Healer can produce beneficial effects on the skin such as elasticity, texture and skin tone, reduce wrinkles and fine line, improve thickness and hydrate the skin.

Benefits of REJURAN include:

Improves skin density and elasticity
Improves skin texture
Improves fine ilnes
Improves oil and moisture balance of the skin
Reduces sebum
Reduces pores
Reduces scars